Growing plants with negative ions

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Can negative ions really help the growth of plants?

There is much evidence that negative ions may assist in the greenhouse and horticulture fields. We have several books in our reference libraries that show many experiments in the field of electro-horticulture. In every experiment, increasing the level of air ions around the vegetation increased the plant growth.

The book The Ion Effect, by Fred Soyka, mainly deals with the effects of negative ions on people, but it further indicates that negative ion generators make plants grow faster. Here's a few excerpts from the book:

"Scientists at the University of California grew barley, oats, lettuce, and peas with a total of only sixty positive ions and negative ions and found that growth was stunted and the plants were diseased. The same experiment in air with more than double the natural number of ions produced accelerated growth."

"In the 1960s one U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist grew seedlings in ion-enriched air and produced cucumbers eighteen inches longer than normal."

"Photosynthesis could not take place without ions in the atmosphere".

"In a Faraday cage, where the outside electrical fields are excluded, plants grow only about half the size they would if rooted in the garden."

The book lists some experiments dating back to Benjamin Franklin (who did some of this stuff). They placed charged electrodes over plants and found that they grew faster.

A customers called and told us that her daughter won a science fair project proving that her cabbages grew much larger in the presence of negative ions.

We can provide custom outdoor and indoor ionizing systems, premium information on this subject, and consultation for small farms and greenhouses who wish to apply this to their operation. A consultation fee may be required.

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